THE RED BALLOON, was published in January of 2015, and is available through Amazon and CreateSpace. CHOOSING GRACE, was released in March of 2016.  Stay tuned for the release of THE SUM OF US, later this year, as well as a number of previously-published short stories going live in 2016!  




The Red Balloon is the story of two families, the eight children between them, an idyllic lakeside setting and unspeakable tragedy which alters the course of each of their lives.


Margaret and Dar are mothers, best friends and the daily caretakers of houses, yards and children.  They share secrets and a bond stronger than they realize.  Until one day.


While busy tending to a daughter's birthday party, the youngest of the children slips away and nothing will ever again be as it once was.  But friendship, family and the redemptive power of the truth brings these two families full circle in a way they never could have imagined.





High up along the snowy Divide, a man with a dark ponytail tucked down into his jacket hitches a ride up over the pass, convinced a better life awaits him on the other side.  Down below the railway shipping yard divided the town north to south, while a thinly-veiled tolerance between those on and off the Reservation separates it east to west.  Gin and Wayne are best friends, sharing everything, including a love for Grace, a local beauty with hair the color the coal that comes and goes through town in open-topped freighters.


One hot, blustery evening, restless and full of adolescent rebellion, the two boys ignite a fire in the rail yard which leaves one of them clinging to life, while the future of the town itself hangs in the balance.  Set amidst the rugged wilderness of northwest Montana, Choosing Grace is the story of lives interrupted, the choices forced upon us, and the enduring power of family and friendship.

Author of The Red Balloon



For better or for worse . . . a family equals the sum of its parts.


Helen's been dead three years, but she's still very much alive in the hearts and minds of her far-flung family.  Most of all, she plays in Frank's head as he contemplates his next step.


Their three grown kids are scattered across the country from the farmlands of Iowa, to New York City, to the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota.  It's not easy to get their attention, but an email from Frank, sent with the help of his quirky, teenage next-door neighbor, does the trick.


Frank wants them home.  All at the same time.  He has something to say and since they're probably not going to like it, he's only going to say it once.


What Frank doesn't anticipate is that getting them all home at the same time is only the beginning.  No less daunting is what transpires once they get there . . .

Coming in 2017!